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    Welcome to the Baghla Int Udyog website. Baghla Int Udyog is India's premier brickmaker. We offer a diverse line of brick products including handmade and molded brick, thin brick, clay brick pavers and extruded brick.

    Whether you’re building your dream home, designing a school or adding an outdoor living space, start with Baghla Int Udyog. With over 300 products to choose from, our brick will meet the most innovative design challenges. Baghla Int Udyog also offers a complete line of standard and custom brick shapes.

    In addition to brick, Glen-Gery offers other quality masonry products.

    1. Baghla Int Udyog Landmark Stone

    2. Baghla Int Udyog Thin Tech™

    3. Baghla Int Udyog Personalized Brick

    4. Baghla Int Udyog Natural Stone Veneer

    5. Baghla Int Udyog Mortar

    6. Baghla Int Udyog Color Mortar Blend

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